If you have Googled how to find cheap flights you’ve most likely seen posts where people give lots of different advice. Some say to look on a Tuesday at 3am or purchase flights on weekdays instead of the weekends. You will find a numerous amount of tips and tricks out there to help you score a sweet deal. And sure, some of them may work, sometimes. But it’s not a guaranteed method and it’ll take a lot of late nights searching.

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Budapest Parliment, September 2021
Budapest Parliment, September 2021

I’ve been booking and taking flights going on over a decade now. After trying lots of suggested ways and not really having them work for me, I went on a hunt to find what would. Although there is travel hacking and using points or miles to land a cheaper flight, this post is all about websites. These are websites and apps I have used to score some pretty cheap flights over the years. 

An example of those flights found are:

Tips I’ve found helpful

First tip is being as flexible as you can. Being able to leave a day earlier or get back a day late could really be the difference of $50 or more depending on where you’re going. 

Second tip would be flying with only a carry on. Most airlines nowadays charge for any and all extras, such as luggage. If you are able to take what you need with you on the plane, you will save for each way. You’d also wait less to get out of the airport when you land at your destination. 

Third tip is flying off season and during the shoulder season. Lots of people can travel during the summer or are looking to travel during the holidays to visit family. If you’re able to travel when lots of other people usually can’t, you’ll be able to have a cheaper vacation overall.

Now that we’ve gone over some tips to help reduce your costs, let’s look at the apps and websites on how to find cheap flights!

Cliffs of Moher How to find cheap flights
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland June 2021


Skyscanner is for sure the first app I check when looking for flights. I love that they put together all of the different airlines and layover combinations in one place. You can filter by price or layover options. If you live in a metropolitan area with multiple airports nearby (i.e. New York has JFK, EWR, LGA), you can choose to look at all the options or your preferred airport. Use this website to find flights, hotels and car rentals.


WayAway is a newer app I’ve recently come across. On my phone it used to be JetRadar, but it’s the app version of the site. I have yet to use it but it’s similar to Skyscanner as it gives you all the airline options, BUT it also gives cash back. This is a game changer as the app lets you look up flight tickets, hotels, and hidden gems by locals (Plus option). 

Use my promo code: latinatraveler or my link to get 10% off WayAway Plus. Currently it’s at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

JetRadar (Aviasales)

JetRadar is now Aviasales and it’s also one of the top websites/apps I use when checking for flights. You can search for flights and hotels. You are also given a multi city search option if you want to visit more than one place during your trip. I find that convenient so that you’re not looking for a whole bunch of different flight routes, but you can do it all at the same time!

Google flights

Google flights is a great place to find cheap flights especially if you’re flexible. I love their search “everywhere” option where you input your preferred dates and it gives you all the places you can and how much it’ll cost. If you have added flexibility leave the dates and destination open so you can choose what really is the cheapest. You can move the map around and zoom in to see the different options. It is only possible to see it on a desktop or laptop seeing as there’s no app at the moment.


Have you ever found a flight that was cheaper if you got off at a layover instead of the actual destination? Let’s say you want to go to Los Angeles from New York and the flight costs you $300. But the flight to San Diego with a layover in Los Angeles is $250. You’d buy that and get off at the layover. Skiplagged shows you these options! Use this app to find hidden city flights and hotels, even last minute.


Hopper is an app with lots of travel deal options. Its main use is flights but you can look at hotels, cars, homes, and deals. When you first download the app you’ll get certain discounts that last for a day up to 7 days or more, depending on the deal. With each purchase you also get Carrot Rewards that can be used towards future purchases. Hopper is committed to making a positive change for the environment and so far they have planted over 23 million trees. 

Medellin, Colombia April 2017

Important to know

Each site or app is really a preference on where or how you prefer to find or buy your flights. Many of these sites also allow you to add your frequent traveler number but some do not. This could keep you from gaining loyalty points in exchange for a cheaper flight. Because these are third party sites you may not get the same protection as you would if you bought it directly on the airlines website. There have been times I’ve checked on an app and then on the actual website. If the difference isn’t too great then I’ll buy it on the airline website to be able to use my points/miles and include my loyalty information. Look at all the options and go with what works best for you.

This list is by no means exhaustive of all the apps and websites on how to find cheap flights. I’ve provided ones I use, but I’d love to know what has worked for you! Leave me a comment so I can check out the ways you’ve found cheap flights.

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