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So today I want to talk about personal finance. But money is such a taboo topic to talk about especially within the Latino community. We’re conditioned to think that it’s something that shouldn’t be discussed with others because it’s impolite. Because it’s tacky. Because it makes it too real. 

And making it too real wouldn’t really be a problem if we were all good at money so that we didn’t make mistakes. Truth is we do make money mistakes and sometimes don’t even know what they are. We aren’t taught enough about money at schools or at home, so we honestly don’t even know where we went wrong.

During the pandemic is when I became more interested in my money and was willing to learn and talk about it more than ever. That’s when I discovered I wasn’t the only one doing this. And it made me really happy and proud to know so many other Latinas were doing this as well. 

I’ve reached out to these inspiring Latina Personal Finance creators because I’m moved by their stories and think that you may find some of them moving yourself. If you’re feeling inspired by any or all of them, I ask for you to show your support by following them. 

Latina Personal Finance Creators:

1 PeroICanDoItToo

Latina Personal Finance Creator
Pero I Can Do It Too

Orlenda is a proud Guatemalteca, living in San Francisco. She is a traveler and loves to emerge herself in different cultures. The love of travel started from immigrating at the age of 10 to the U.S and the curiosity of what the world was like. Her favorite country thus far is Japan!

Orlenda is a Budget Coach and creator of @peroicandoittoo. Orlenda’s on a mission to help WOC get out of debt and give them the tools necessary to feel confident with their finances. She understands what it is like to not feel represented and feeling alone in the debt free journey. 

She has paid 30K in 1.5 years all while traveling and she is building wealth and teaching WOC that it is possible!

Instagram: @PeroICanDoItToo

2 Lealandaverde

Latina Personal Finance Creator

Lea Landaverde is a First-Gen, Queer, Latina, Entrepreneur, Educator, Master of Finance, Wealth Coach & Expert. With 7+ years in the Finance industry, Lea is devoted to giving back her expertise to her community. Lea is on a mission to help BIPOC & LGBTQ+ break generational money curses to align, build and grow their wealth.

Instagram: @lealandaverde

Website links: Riqueza is Wealth

3 NoSoyCoda

Latina Personal Finance Creator
No Soy Coda

My name is Karen and I am a personal finance creator that promotes financial education on Instagram for women of color. I am a 1.5 gen Mexican American (dad is Chicano and mother immigrated from Mexico) and the first in my entire family to graduate from a 4 year university.

What ultimately led me to promote financial education on Instagram was going from knowing zero about personal finance to becoming obsessed with it and ultimately living a fuller life because of the lifestyle changes I made by building wealth. I thought to myself, how did I not know this before? I knew that there were so many people in my community that were in the same position as I was when I knew nothing about personal finance. So I started talking about money to my family and friends but then expanded my reach when I realized that so many people can benefit from seeing a Brown woman talk about money. I make under 6 figures and I’m worth over 6 figures. That is mind blowing to me.

When you join the Latinx personal finance space, you join a community of like minded individuals who share similar stories and struggles that traditional personal finance gurus like Dave Ramsey and Suze Oreman lacked. For now I create personal finance content on Instagram as a hobby, but would love to turn it into a business where I can hold money workshops, start a blog and sell ebooks.

Instagram: @nosoycoda

Website: No Soy Coda

4 FinanchelleGains

Latina Personal Finance Creator
Financhelle Gains

Michelle is a Queer first generation Salvadoreña and the creator of FinanchelleGains. A platform that serves as a guide for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities as they navigate their finances. As she continues her wealth building journey she’s providing content that is relatable and relevant so her community can learn to budget, save, pay off debt, and invest. She stresses the importance of sharing these resources so that we can all thrive and live the abundant life we deserve.

Instagram: @financhellegains

Book a Clarity Call with FinancialGains

5 WealthParaTodos

Latina Personal Finances Creator
Wealth Para Todos

Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino aka Soledad is a Queer Mexican-American former math teacher turned personal finance educator. She lives debt-free in Los Angeles with her 6-year-old non-binary child, 4-year-old son, and her Black Dominican-American husband.

Soledad is currently studying to become a Certified Financial Planner so she can make sure her gente (BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ folk) have access to fiduciary financial guidance from someone who understands their struggles and dreams. Soledad currently offers financial literacy workshops and works individually with people who need a plan to obtain financial independence. Use this link to subscribe to her newsletter and get a copy of her Money Mindset Workbook. 

Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok: @wealthparatodos


6 AliTravelPoints

Latina Personal Finance Creator
Ali Travel Points

Born and raised in Panama, Alida built a wealth management business of over $100 Million in Assets Under Management, in the Jacksonville FL area after a 20 year career, she pivoted from asset management to points management. As a content creator and photographer, Alida decided to retire and pivot from a 20 year career and step down from her role and pursue her passion to help others figure out how to use points and miles to travel to bucket list destinations for next to nothing. This is when AliTravelPoints was born, after the pandemic changed the business model and the world was shut down, all that was left was to learn and share from home.

The financial planning business is now currently managed by her husband, also a financial advisor, and other team associates. She continues to raise her 3 children, and travels to Panama on an annual basis to visit family and continue to show her children her family traditions and culture. She lives to inspire others to travel the world by using credit card points and miles, as long as they follow certain credit rules, and showcasing destinations with her aerial drone footage.

Instagram: @AliTravelPoints


Travel Website:

7 TheLatinaInvestor

Latina Personal Finance Creator
The Latina Investor

Araceliz Gomes is the Founder & CEO of The Latina Investor, a diverse movement geared to creating more empowered Latinx & BIPOC wealth builders through providing free and priced financial literacy, money mindset and investing learning resources, community events, 1:1 Money & Business Coaching and more.

Instagram: @TheLatinaInvestor

Website: The Latina Investor

Additional Info: Click Here

I hope these latina personal finance creators have inspired you to better understand your finances and to sort out your money (if you haven’t done so yet). These women are unstoppable and I’m sure we can be expecting even more amazing things from them in the future. If you haven’t done so yet, I ask that you consider supporting these travelers by following them and if you need additional help with this, look into using their services. It’s important we support each other, so why not start today?

If you missed my Latina Travelers post, you can check it out here. See you soon for the next blog feature of Latinx creators!

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