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Guide of Best Travel Gifts for Frequent Travelers

With the holiday season right around the corner, I decided to create this guide with the best travel gifts to give to the frequent travelers in your life. There are budget and luxury type gifts depending on your budget and needs! Click on the photo to be taken to page to purchase.

Budget (Under $50)

1. Silk Satin Sleeping Eye Mask Set (includes storage bags and earplugs)

This is a great gift to be used on a plane, at a hostel/hotel or for light sleepers. The eye mask pushes against your eyes to help you relax even more. The pouch is great to keep everything safe and together.

2. Waterproof Phone cases with cords (2)

This waterproof phone case is a must for travelers who tend to spend a lot of time in or near the water. It’ll keep your phone safe and dry. Perfect for snorkeling or taking on a boat to avoid splashing.

3. Trip Planner 

Latina Traveler Trip Planner

A trip planner is perfect for anyone looking to plan their next trip while keeping everything organized. This planner has over 15 pages which includes destination information, a packing list, budget tracker, activity details and much more more! Perfect for you or a loved one.

4. Journal with World Map Cover

Instead of gifting a plain journal to a traveler in search of wanderlust, gift them this journal to continue fueling their love for adventure. Perfect for them to write down notes and memories of their travels.

5. Wander Travel Journal

A different journal option with a more creative cover option. Let the traveler in your life’s imagination run wild while writing our their most epic adventures.

6. Personalized Passport and Vaccine Holder (add your own photo!)

Why get someone a plain old passport holder when you can get them a customized one?! This holder lets you add your own photo so that they can remember you everything they grab it.

7. Universal Travel Adapter

This gift is key especially if the traveler in your life likes to venture outside of your home country. This adapter is great for any country or region they’re looking to visit.

8. Door Stop Alarm (3 Pack)

Safety is always on any traveler’s mind making this a great gift. You’ll be able hear if someone is trying to get into your room with this door stopper.

9. Microfiber Quick Dry Towel (3 size pack)

Depending on where you stay, some places may or may not offer towels. Microfiber quick dry towels dry very quickly and take up very little space in your suitcase or backpack. A great gift for yourself or the traveler in your life.

10. Barcelona Off the Beaten Path Guide

Barcelona Off the Beaten Path Guide

After living in Barcelona for three years and always seeing the same places promoted time and time again, I decided to create a guide with off the beaten path places. It’s broken down by neighborhoods with restaurants, bars, and nightlife. There’s over 25 pages of info to avoid crowds but still having an amazing experience!

11. Memory foam travel pillow

Travel neck pillow gift guide

A neck pillow is great to have on a plane, train or bus. This one is light and comfortable which will make a great addition on your next adventure.

12. 2-pack dual USB charger

Having a power bank while on the go is a lifesaver! Using your phone constantly for maps, pictures, videos, and more will drain the battery. And sometimes the outlets on the bus, train or plane don’t work right. It’s better to be prepared!

13. Portable Jewelry Box

This is perfect for las viajeras in your life who love their jewelry and can’t travel without it. I know I personally hate when my necklaces and bracelets get all tangled so this is a great way to avoid that happening.

14. 16-Pack Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries

I know I personally don’t like when I just bought a whole new bottle of shampoo, conditioner or face wash while on a trip and then can’t take it to my next destination because it’s too big. This travel bottle set solves that problem! Depending on how much product you use, it can last you anywhere from a week to multiple weeks. Buy two if you need extra products for your trip!

15. Lightweight 51” Extendable Tripod stand

A lightweight tripod is necessary especially for solo travelers and even couples who want to get shots of them traveling and not just selfies. I always travel with a tripod and recommend it to anyone who wants to up their photo game! It comes with a bluetooth remote and works with all types of phones.

16. Travel Packing Cubes

There are travelers who swear by packing cubes! They definitely do keep things organized and you know where everything is without having to go through your whole suitcase. These packing cubes come in a variety of colors.

17. HYDAWAY Collapsible Water bottle

A water bottle is a must to have when traveling, but a collapsible one is even better! When you finish it and aren’t going to be refilling it just yet, you can collapse it so it takes up less space. This really is a game changer. This one can hold 25oz and comes in a variety of colors.

18. 10” ring light with 50” extendable tripod stand

A ring light helps you take better pictures when the lighting outside isn’t ideal. It comes with a bluetooth remote and it’s compatible with all phones.

19. Huzi Infinity Pillow

Staying comfortable when in transit is so important. Unlike a neck pillow, an infinity pillow provides wrap around comfort and support. This Huzi one comes in various colors.


1. Pinboard World Map Cork board

This canvas print wall art comes in 3 pieces and has 50 pins to keep track of where you have traveled to. If 50 pins isn’t enough, you can always get more to show off your travels.

2. Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with phone call mic

The perfect gift for light sleepers who easily get woken up by loud noises. These noise cancelling headphones have a phone call mic to make calls without external distractions.

3. 23 and Me Ancestry Kit

For the travelers that are interested in learning about their family’s background. This kit has you send your spit so that you can get your results. If family members have taken it before they will show up in your portal.

4. Kindle (8 GB) with 6.8” display and adjustable warm light

Instead of carrying a whole bunch of books while you travel, carry a Kindle. You can download lots of books to take with you on the go. It comes with an adjustable warm light so its not too bright when trying to read in the dark.

5. Panasonic LUMIX 4k Digital Camera, 18.1 Megapixel video camera, 60x zoom, 20-1200mm lens, wifi

If you’re looking to up your photo game feel that a camera is the best way to go, then you need this Lumix 4k camera. It is an 18.1 Megapixel video camera with a 60x zoom and a range of 20-1200 mm lens. This camera comes with wifi so you don’t have to wait to get on your computer to get your photos on your phone.

6. OLYMPUS TG-6 Waterproof Camera

This is great for anyone looking to take photos and videos underwater. This camera can go 50 feet under with 4k capacity.

I hope that this list will help you find the ideal gift for the traveler in your life. Please share this guide with anyone who needs great gift ideas for travelers. If you purchase any, please tag me on Instagram with your traveler’s reaction!

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