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Guide of Best Travel Gifts for Frequent Travelers

With the holiday season right around the corner, I decided to create this guide with the best travel gifts to give to the frequent travelers in your life. There are budget and luxury type gifts depending on your budget and needs! 

Budget (Under $50)

1. Silk Satin Sleeping Eye Mask Set (includes storage bags and earplugs): $7.99

2. Waterproof Phone cases with cords (2) : $9.99

3. Leather Passport and Vaccine Holder (black, pink, grey) $9.99

4. Journal with World Map Cover $11.00

5. Wander Travel Journal $13.95

6. Personalized Passport and Vaccine Holder (add your own photo!) $14.95

7. Universal Travel Adapter $15.99

8. Door Stop Alarm (3 Pack): $16.95

9. Microfiber Quick Dry Towel (3 size pack): $16.97

10. Lightweight 2 pack collapsible water bottles: $16.99

11. Memory foam travel pillow, neck pillow for airplane travel, light and comfortable $18.97

12. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with surround sound $19.92

13. 2-pack dual USB charger: $19.99

14. Portable Jewelry Box: $19.99

15. 16-Pack Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries: $22.58

16. Lightweight 51” Extendable Tripod stand with bluetooth remote for all types of phones: $23.99

17. Travel packing cubes, comes in various colors $23.99

18. HYDAWAY Collapsible Water bottle 25oz, comes in a variety of colors: $29.95

19. 10” ring light with 50” extendable tripod stand. Compatible with all phones: $38.99

20. Huzi Infinity Pillow, soft neck scarf support, comes in various colors $39.90



1. Pinboard World Map Cork board & Canvas Print Wall Art 3 pieces with 50 pins: $76.99

2. Bose Wireless Noise cancelling headphones with phone call mic: $78

3. 23 and Me Ancestry Kit $99.00

4. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $112.99

5. All new Kindle (8 GB) with 6.8” display and adjustable warm light $139.99

6. Riison GPS 4k Drone with 130 degree FOV Camera with carry case: $299.99

7. Panasonic LUMIX 4k Digital Camera, 18.1 Megapixel video camera, 60x zoom, 20-1200mm lens, wifi: $297.99

8. OLYMPUS TG-6 Waterproof Camera: $399.00

I hope that this list will help you find the ideal gift for the traveler in your life. Please share this guide with anyone who needs great gift ideas for travelers. If you purchase any, please tag me on Instagram with your traveler’s reaction!

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