With so many travel conferences happening year round, how do you find the best one for you? It all depends on your personal goals and needs for visiting travel conferences. Are you looking to

  • transition into the travel industry?
  • become a content creator/blogger?
  • adapt a digital nomad lifestyle, but also have a community?
  • just travel around the world, but want and need more info?

Depending on who you are or who you’d like to be, there is a conference for you. All of these travel conferences mention who they would be best for. They are in order of when they’ll be happening in 2024. A few of them do have multiple dates and locations, but are placed in order of which will happen first. The locations for some vary year to year while others are in the same place every year.

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Travel and Adventure Shows

The Travel and Adventure Shows are the place to discover new travel options, learn the travel tips and advice, and connect directly with destinations and travel experts. These travel conferences are frequented by travelers, journalists, destinations, and more and are great to visit!

Multiple dates and locations: Chicago (Jan 13-14), Denver (Jan 20-21), New York (Jan 27-28), Los Angeles (Feb 3-4), Phoenix (Feb 17-18), Washington DC (Feb 24-25), Atlanta (Mar 9-10), SF/Bay (Mar 16-17), and Dallas (Mar 23-24). Purchase your tickets here!


The International Tourism Trade Fair (Feria internacional de turismo) focuses on the inbound and outbound markets in Latin America. If you’re interested in promoting tourism in this region then this is the conference you need to check out! You’ll meet with representatives from every country as well as set up meetings with them. This year is its 44th year.

Be prepared to walk a lot so wear comfortable shoes. It’s a multiple day event so don’t try and see everything in one day. There are also evening events where you can connect more with other attendees and country representatives.

It’s held yearly in January in Madrid, Spain. 2024 Dates are January 24-28. Purchase your tickets here.

Traverse Events

Traverse Events prides itself as the anti-conference. There are no hidden fees, dull, generic hotels, or unapproachable speakers. Traverse doesn’t do typical. They provide an exceptional experience that’s more of a festival than a regular conference. 

Traverse Events Travel Conferences
Traverse Events, Czech Republic 2022

This is the right place for content creators and influencers as well as aspiring ones. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from people who have been in the industry for a while as well as mingle with them.

In addition to the conference, there are midweek experiences and post event trips. The midweek experiences are done with the host destination. This way travelers and creators get a better sense of the city/country and get to have unique experiences included in the conference ticket. Post event trips, or FAM trips, are also hosted by the destination. For these, creators/influencers are chosen by the DMO to participate. 

2024 Location is Tbilisi, Georgia. Dates are January 30 to February 4th. Purchase your tickets here.

Women’s Travel Fest 

The Women’s Travel Fest is a conference created by and for women travelers primarily but it is open to everybody. Its first and main location is New York City and 2025 will be its 12th year. It was created by Kelly Lewis, but bought by Alex Jimenez of Travel Fashion Girl in 2023. 

Women's Travel Fest
Women’s Travel Fest, NYC 2023

This conference is great for travelers and creators. The sessions offered are a variety to engage both of these audiences. There is an opening party on Friday as well as one on Saturday. Many attendees/speakers hold meetups throughout the weekend that may be open to most or all other attendees. 

2025 Location is Los Angeles, California. Dates are March 7-9. Purchase your tickets here.

Women in Travel Summit 

The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) is the premier event for travel influencers and creators along with the brands that want to work with them. It was created by women for all. It’s hosted by Wanderful whose owner is Beth Santos. The 2025 conference will be its 12th in-person event.

Women in Travel Summit WITS Travel Conferences
Women in Travel Summit (WITS), Puerto Rico 2023

This conference is perfect for creative entrepreneurs, influencers, DMOs, and travel industry experts. There are experiences hosted by the destination prior to the conference that you register for once you have your ticket. FAM trips are available post-event for those that are chosen to participate. 

2025 Location is New York City. Dates are May 16-18. Purchase your tickets here.


Back after a hiatus in 2024, TravelCon is the place to be to network with creators, travelers, and businesses in the travel industry. Learn how to transition from a traveler to a creator and how to expand your reach using SEO, ads, email marketing, and more.

Scale by diversifying your income streams, growing your team, and maintaining balance by avoiding burnout. You’ll learn the best ways to accomplish all of this in the best way for you.

2024 Location is Portland, Oregon from May 15-17. Purchase your tickets here.

Latino Travel Fest

The Latino Travel Fest is the first ever conference created by and for Latines in the travel industry. The 2024 conference will be the 4th ever event, but the second in-person one. The owner of the fest is Vanessa Fondeur, also owner of Latino World Travelers, a community for Latine travelers.

Latino Travel Fest Conferences
Latino Travel Fest, NYC 2023

This is the right place for Latine travelers, creators, and brands looking to work with this demographic. It’s also the perfect place for allies of the Latine community. Sessions cover a range of topics that are particularly of interest to this community. 

2024 Location is Elizabeth, NJ from May 31-June 2. Use code ‘FlaviaC” for 15% off. Purchase your tickets here!

TBEX (North America, Europe, Africa)

TBEX has been around since 2009 and since then has grown tremendously. Their focus is to build lasting business connections and life long relationships. These travel conferences focus on networking and learning the latest trends, strategies, and tactics from each other and the world’s leading experts.

This event is perfect for creators, DMOs, and brands that are re-imagining and redefining the travel industry. There are 4 different conferences a year in different regions including North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The location in each region changes yearly. 

2024 Locations and dates:

Europe – San Sebastian, Spain on May 28-31.

North America – San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 9-12.

Africa – KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. Dates not announced as of yet.

For more information and to purchase tickets, head here.

Bansko Nomad Fest

The Bansko Nomad Fest has been happening for the last 6 years in the small village of Bansko, Bulgaria. It has emerged as a prominent digital nomad hub in Europe. Coworking Bansko serves as the community’s epicenter. There are approximately 125 nomadic members around usually, but during the conference many more fly in from around the globe. This nomad fest is all about nature, activities, learning, and connections.

This conference is perfect for digital nomads, bloggers, influencers, journalists, as well as aspiring ones. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people designed to maximize engagement and interaction among attendees. In addition to workshops and presentations, there are also a variety of activities like yoga, hiking, quad biking, rafting, wine tours, and so much more. Since the event emphasizes the nomad lifestyle and remote work, you can anticipate a balance between the two and stimulating experiences tailored to your individual journey.

2024 Location is Bansko, Bulgaria Dates are on June 23-30. Purchase your tickets here.


VidCon is all about video as the name states. Its main location is Anaheim but in 2023 they went really international to places such as Abu Dhabi, Mexico, São Paulo, and also the east coast in Baltimore. It’s not certain yet if VidCon will be in any of those locations in 2024.

This is great for video content creators or aspiring ones as well as fans of certain creators. Many gather for this event and it’s a great way to meet your favorites as well as gain lots of insider video tips. 

2024 Location is Anaheim at the Anaheim Convention Center. Dates are June 26 – 29. Buy your tickets here.


KeyFrame is a four day interactive and creative video conference. It was created to boost the knowledge and skills of attendees in filming, editing, and producing engaging video content. This conference offers the perfect creative, practical and business program to help you up your video game.

KeyFrame conference
KeyFrame, Malta 2023

This is perfect for video content creators or aspiring ones. There are experiences offered prior to the event that you can sign up for once you have your ticket. 

2024 Location and dates have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for when tickets go live!

The Nomad World Fest

The Nomad World Fest is a transformative experience for digital nomads and remote workers from across the globe. It’s a mix of expert talks and hands-on workshops aimed at celebrating freedom, connection, and personal growth. Speakers are experts in areas like remote work, web3, co-living, co-working, AL, and the future of work.

This event is perfect for remote workers and digital nomads as well as aspiring ones. You’ll get to meet and connect with others who have been living this lifestyle for years as well as others who are looking to get started. 

2024 Location is Albufeira, Portugal. Dates are October 7 – 13. Purchase your tickets here.  

Black Travel Summit

The Black Travel Summit was founded in 2019 and is committed to fostering an empowering and inclusive environment for the Black travel community. They provide innovative and engaging events, inspired and rooted in the vibrant fabric of Black travel culture. You can expect thought-provoking discussions, to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable skills, and contribute to shape a more equitable and representative future. 

This summit is perfect for Black travelers, business, career and entrepreneurial professionals, and creators. It provides them a platform to connect with brands, share with peers, and grow in perpetuity.

2024 Location is Miami, Florida. Date is October 16. Pre-register your tickets here.

Nomadness Fest

Nomadness Fest is a weekend for travelers of color and our allies! They bring stories, leaders, resources, and community together in one place. 

The mission is to bring the travel industry’s most honest and communal conversations on what it is like to navigate the world as a person of color. Each year has an intentional theme and varies. 

The Festival Tracks for 2024 focus on Media + Tech, Leisure Travel, and Community Impact. The focus will be on the why and how BIPOC travelers are changing the face of travel.

2024 Location is Charlotte, South Carolina. Dates are September 12 – 15. Purchase tickets here!

WTM London

World Trade Market (WTM) London is based in London every November and it’s a trade show with exhibitors from all over the world. Talk with someone from almost anywhere in the world and learn about the destinations in more detail.

WTM London
World Trade Market, London 2022

This event is great for travelers as well as creators and bloggers. For travelers, you’ll get to learn even more about a destination and get recommendations directly from the ones who know it best. For content creators and bloggers, this is your chance to get on the DMOs radar. Pitch yourself if you have an idea or grab a business card and reach out shortly after to stay in contact and get added to their PR list.

Tickets are free up until about a week before the date of the conference. If you book within that last week it will cost £45. If you are a Content creator, blogger, journalist, photographer, editor, and more, you can claim a comped Media Ticket. 

2024 Location is London at the ExCel Center. Dates are not yet announced. Join the waitlist for tickets!

TravelMore Conference

A great way to travel more is by using points/miles and travel hacking. Ashley Peterson of Ashley Gets Around saw that many of these types of conferences mainly had male speakers. She decided to change it by having mainly female speakers at hers!

From beginner tips to advanced strategies, their sessions cover a wide range of topics including booking free award flights, hotel points redemptions, and getting theme park tickets for free. They also teach you how to build a points earning strategy so you can earn more points on your everyday spend, even without using credit cards! Join for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun.

2024 Location is Dallas, Texas. Dates are November 8-10. More info and get tickets here.

Travel Conferences I’ll be Attending in 2024

Now that you know what’s going in 2024, do you know which travel conferences you will go to? The ones included on this list are a majority that I have gone to at least once before or planning to go to this coming year. It’s hard to go to every single one every year as they can get a bit pricey with the flights and accommodations in various parts of the world.

In 2024, I’ll be attending Women’s Travel Fest and Latino Travel Fest as of right now. I have my eye on Bansko Nomad Fest and the Nomad World Fest. It’s too far in advance to know about where I’ll be around that time for either. For the Nomad World Fest, it’ll come down to where they end up having it. 

Will I see you at any of these travel conferences? I hope so! Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know which ones you’ll go to!

Make sure you’re following me on InstagramTikTok, and YouTube for more up to date content on where I’m at and where I’m going next. If you haven’t already, join my email list so you know about my adventures, general travel updates, and more before anyone else!

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