After I made the decision to have Salamanca as a stop on my way from Evora, Portugal to Barcelona, Spain, I started looking up what I could do. I imagined cathedrals, convents, and its university as its one of the oldest in the world still operating today. What I didn’t imagine was Salamanca’s ever growing street art scene. It really is a unique thing to add to your itinerary for your upcoming trip to Salamanca.

Painted mural of a lady close up of her face to view her eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth

Where To Go?

I personally love that it’s not located in the old town for a couple reasons. One because it doesn’t ruin/change the aesthetic of what the old town is like. Two because this way it’s less crowded when wandering around because most people don’t know about it.

Instead you have to walk north west of the old town to find the street art. Don’t worry, it’s not a long walk!

Street in Salamanca with buildings, street art and cars

To make it easier to know about new pieces, there’s actually an app you can download. It’s called “Galeria Urbana Salamanca” in the Apple Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android. I downloaded to get a better idea of where the art was and they even give you a short and long route to follow! I did the long route as they mentioned it takes 30 minutes, but it took me over an hour since I stopped to take photos and videos as you know I do. 

Streets not to miss:

  • Calle Antonio Espinosa
  • Calle León Felipe
  • Calle Gütenberg
  • Calle Palacio Valdés
  • Calle Granero
  • Calle Asturias

Salamanca Street Art

Man's legs swimming in a body of water

All of these photos I took during my visit in August of 2023. They do change over time, so keep this in mind depending on how far ahead you’re going compared to my visit. The app helps you know what’s new before you go. Do wander beyond the spots it mentions as there are way more streets with art on them. The app mentions 20 and I saw at least 40 during my walk. 

Here are some of my favorite Salamanca street art pieces:

Of course, there is so much more to Salamanca than street art that you shouldn’t miss. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post with more things to do in this Spanish city.

Tips for Solo Travelers

Go early. This way you’ll get great lighting and emptier streets to take better photos with less interruptions.

Bring a tripod. Sometimes I’ll prob my phone on something nearby but there are lots of ones here where you can’t prop your phone anywhere as the mural just faces a street. Since it’s not so busy, you won’t find too many people to ask. A tripod and Bluetooth remote will help you get all the solo shots you want.

Need tips on how to get the best photos of yourself while traveling solo? I wrote the post for you! Make sure you check it out.

Be patient. Although it’s not a highly transited area by tourists, it is a residential area. Some of the murals are on garage doors so they are sometimes opened when needed. Wait a moment while it closes again to get your photos.

In the meantime, check out my existing Spain posts to help plan your trips to other cities.

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  1. What incredible street art; the talent of the people doing these impressive pieces is fantastic. It really seems to create a unique energy and vibe to this area. I would love to see it all in person!

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