Aveiro is a beautiful must visit city about 3 hours north of Lisbon and one hour south of Porto. It’s considered to be the Venice of Portugal and I totally see why! There are little canals that go around the city. They were mainly used to transport salt, but now take around visitors. It was a nice surprise to see that there are lots of things to do in Aveiro.

It makes for a great day trip from Porto and a weekend trip from Lisbon. I’ll be honest Aveiro is not so big to do a full weekend trip, but it could be if you also add in Costa Nova. It’s easily accessible via public transportation which we’ll go over.

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brunette with sunglasses sitting in a moliceiro under a bridge with colorful tassels

Let’s get into the things to do in Aveiro including what to eat and how to get there!

Getting to Aveiro

If you plan to visit Aveiro from either Lisbon or Porto, you can use the same ways to get there. The easiest and most direct is a car, but if you’re not planning to rent one then you have bus and train options.

The most common bus options are FlixBus and Redes Expressos (local Portuguese company). Prices can vary depending on how far in advance you book. The lowest you’ll usually find is 3€, but can go up to 20€ if it’s the same day or day before. It’s best to book in advance. 

The train is a bit pricier, usually about 20€ per one way. It’s definitely more comfortable and a bit faster than the bus. For the train schedule and prices, check here.

Things to do in Aveiro

Now that you’ve arrived to the Venice of Portugal, here are the things you should do during your time in Aveiro!

Moliceiros and Mercantels

a colorful Moliceiro on a canal in Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro can’t be the ‘Venice of Portugal’ without gondola rides! In Aveiro they’re called Moliceiros and Mecantels instead of gondolas and they are much more affordable than in Venice. The moliceiros carried salt while the mercantels carried seaweed.

The canals obviously don’t look the same but they’re just as fun! They’re 13€ and can be bought on the spot or you can buy your ticket in advance here! If you’re looking to also do a walking tour and try some sweets, consider this tour that includes all three.

I love Aveiro stairs

stairs that have the words I Heart Aveiro written on them

Near the old fabrics factory are the I Love Aveiro Stairs. This is a great photo spot to check out! It’s free to go to and an activity that won’t take long. Definitely recommend walking around the end of the canal a bit.

Ponte dos Lacos de Amizade

Just like cities around the world that put love locks on bridges, Aveiro has their own tradition. Instead of locks they put tassels of all different colors. You have to put your name along with either your partner or a friend to ensure that your relationship/friendship will last forever.

Forum Aveiro

This is Aveiro’s open air mall. The best spot to go is the top floor to overlook the canal and get a unique view of the moliceiros pass by. It’s free to do also! The Forum does have bathrooms you can use for free if you’re looking for a place and don’t want to buy anything. 

Infante Dom Pedro Park – City Park

view of the Infante Dom Pedro Park stairs and flowers

The Infante Dom Pedro Park is one of the activities further away from the city center, but worth it! They have this beautiful walkway and a little pond where you can feed the ducks. Depending on when you can go, the flowers that line the stairs are beautiful. There’s a spiral staircase called ‘Passarela’ you can take from one side of the street to the other. Another park (Parque da Baixa da Santo Antonio) is there that you can walk through as you head back to the center. 

Salt Pans

two men standing on salt pans in Aveiro
Salt Pans

The salt that the moliceiros carried came from the salt pans that can be found around the lagoon edges of Aveiro. There’s still many that are active but the number has diminished from about 300 to 30. Aveiro is no longer the main producer of salt as it used to be seeing that it’s now produced in other parts of the country as well.

What to Eat

After getting through all the things to do in Aveiro, you’ll be hungry! Here are a couple unique things to try while you’re here.

Ovos Moles

The ovos moles (soft eggs) are a local egg pastry delicacy of Aveiro. They’re mainly egg yolks and sugar although some places do add chocolate. One of the most popular places to try them is Confeitaria Peixinho. This is more of an upscale place, aka very aesthetic, so a bit pricier. You can find them in multiple places around the city.

I decided to have an original one and one with a covering. Personally I felt the original didn’t taste like much and I preferred the other option. Both ovos moles cost 4,10€. 


a Ferrero Rocher tripa with cinnamon powder on a blue napkin in front of a sign saying Tripas de Praca Aveiro

When I first heard of this I honestly thought it was guts because if you look up the direct translation that’s what it says! It’s actually more like a stuffed crepe. You can choose if you want it salty or sweet. I went with the Ferrero Rocher inside and some cinnamon powder on top. Overall it was good, but my sister got condensed milk inside and I liked that one a lot more!

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