When people think of Hungary, they only think of Budapest. I’m here to tell you that Hungary is so much more! I’m sure you knew that, but you probably don’t know where to start so let me help you. Here are 9 day trips from Budapest you can take that I have gone to myself. I will be adding more once I visit more!

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Getting around Hungary

Buses and trains are the best and most convenient ways to get around Hungary. They’re also really affordable and depending on where you’re going, can run pretty often. The sites you should use and save for your future Budapest day trips are Mav for trains and Volanbusz for buses. I’ve seen multiple Hungarians use these to double check a time or line that’s going to where they need to go. These will be your handy tools as you navigate Hungary. 

Just arriving to Budapest? There are multiple ways of getting from the Budapest airport to the city center.

Planning to work remotely in Budapest? Here’s a list of laptop friendly cafes in Budapest.

Now let’s get into the variety of days trips you can take from Budapest! We’ll start from the closest to the farthest.

Budapest Day Trips


Szentendre is a cute little town about 40 minutes north of Budapest from the Batthyany Ter station. You’ll take train H5 in the direction of Szentendre which costs 310 Forints ($0.90) one way. Once you arrive you’ll need to walk 10 minutes to get downtown.

Szentendre is considered to be an open air museum with its shops spilling out onto the street so that you can admire what they have to offer as you walk by. You’re also right next to the water so you can stroll next to it or even go for a dip. I saw some people swimming and on jet skis.

Szentendre highlights: 

  • Umbrella street
  • Colorful houses/streets
  • Open Air Ethnographic Museum 
  • Main Square


Visegrad is a picturesque town located along the Danube Bend and under 2 hours north of Budapest via public transportation. The most direct way would be getting the 880 bus from Ujpest-varoskapu station which is accessible from the M3 blue metro line.

This town is perfect for history and nature lovers. There’s a castle to explore and lots of green to walk around as well as panoramic views of the Danube River. Visegrad makes for a perfect day trip escape from the business of Budapest.

Visegrad highlights:

  • Visegrad Castle
  • Solomon Tower
  • Visegrad Citadel
  • Apátkúti Arboretum


Eger is a small city located northeast of Budapest. You can get here by bus (Palyaudvar station) or train (Keleti). The bus takes about an hour and 40 minutes while the bus takes just under 2 hours. Both the train and bus station are accessible by Metro line 2.

This city may be small, but has lots to offer and spending a full day here would be best. From a castle to the first ever Central Perk in Hungary to the wine region, this city has a little bit for everyone. 

Eger highlights:

  • Eger Castle
  • Central Perk Cafe
  • Eger Basilica
  • Wine region
  • Thermal / Turkish Bath


Hollökó is a charming little town northeast of Budapest. It is not the easiest to get to as the bus schedule isn’t the most convenient or consistent. During holidays there are actually less buses available. You’ll need to head to the Palyaudvar bus station and if you’re able to take a direct bus it’ll take just under 2 hours, but if you need to make a change it’ll take a bit more. The weekends are when there are direct buses as during the week you’ll need to transfer at Pásztó. 

Hollökó is famous worldwide for its Easter celebration, but it also has a large Harvest celebration as well. It should be visited at any time of the year for a unique experience in the Hungarian countryside. The weather can be unpredictable so be prepared with an umbrella or rain jacket for unexpected rain.

Hollökó highlights:

  • Holloko Castle 
  • Village Museum
  • Easter / Harvest time


Miskolc is a cute city located northeast from Budapest a little over 2 hours away. Keep in mind that the train station is not located in the center of town so you’ll either need to take a tram (15 minutes) or walk (35 minutes). Across the street from the tram stop is a place to buy your tickets, you can buy a pack of 10 (3700 HUF) and you can pay in cash or card. 

I had no expectations when accompanying my boyfriend to this city, so it definitely surprised me! The weather wasn’t the sunniest during my visit, but there’s still much to do! Make sure you check out my Miskolc travel guide for more info.

Miskolc highlights:

  • Cave Bath
  • Central Perk Cafe
  • Diósgyőr Castle


Pécs is a beautiful city located in southern Hungary not too far from the border with Croatia. It’s a 2 and a half hour train ride from the Kelenfold station in Budapest. Definitely worth visiting for longer than a day, but if a day’s all you got then definitely consider this option!

Pécs highlights: 

  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Zsolnay ceramic artworks and exhibitions
  • Szechenyi Square


Tihany is a beautiful lakeside town about 2 hours and 45 min from the Kelenfold station in Budapest. The late spring through early fall is the best time to visit for the best weather and to see the lavender fields! The town isn’t located right on the water but on a hill overlooking it. There are restaurants and places to stay lower down to better enjoy the water. 

In mid to late June is the lavender festival and is when I visited this area. If you have allergies like me then please come prepared! I thought I had my medicine on hand and found out too late that I didn’t. My pictures and videos may not show it, but I was slightly miserable because of this which only got worse throughout the day. You’ve been warned!

Tihany highlights:

  • Lavender House
  • Tihany Abbey, a Medieval Benedictine monastery
  • Tihany Echo


The second biggest city in Hungary, Debrecen is located east about half an hour from Romania. Train is the best way to get here and can take between two and a half to three hours depending on the train you take (express or local). This is definitely a university city with people coming in from all over the world to study here.

A great place to visit in any season as there is something going on at different times of the year. If you do visit during the winter for their Christmas markets, make sure you bundle as it gets very cold! Read more about the places to visit in Debrecen.

Debrecen highlights: 

  • Great Reformed Church
  • Deri Museum
  • Debrecen Flower Festival (August)


Mohács is located 3 hours south of Budapest and only accessible by bus from Budapest. You can also take the train to Pécs and then take the hour-long bus ride to Mohács. The bus trip is picturesque as you pass through a lot of the Hungarian countryside. 

The most popular time to visit is during the Busó Carnival which leads up to Fat Tuesday. The annual burning of winter occurs during this time to bring in the springtime. There are lots of food stands and traditional dancing to watch and partake in.

Mohács highlights:

  • Busó Carnival
  • Mohacs Museum
  • Mohacs Danube Riverfront

Which will you visit first?

There are lots of other cities and towns to visit which I’ll add once I’ve had the opportunity to actually go to them. I only like including places I’ve been to so I can give more detailed information. Had you heard of any of these cities before or had the chance to visit them? Tell me which ones you have visited in the comments and which ones I should add to this list!

Arriving at the Budapest airport and want to use the public transportation to get to your accommodation? Check out this post with the multiple options you have to get to the city center.

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