If you can’t focus at home or your hostel/hotel/Airbnb, but don’t want to go to countless cafes around Lisbon finding good wifi and a great spot, then this post is for you! I moved to Lisbon in February of 2024 and am still currently living here. Please be mindful that this post is accurate at the time of posting, but may change over time. I will do my best to update it as often as I can, but please double check that it’s open and operating if you visit much later than the date of this post.

I know everyone’s expectations of a cafe differ so I’ve made sure to include as much information as possible so you can choose which is best for you. In this post you’ll know about the Lisbon coffee shops:

  • Wifi strength
  • Outlet availability and accessibility
  • Quality of coffee (keep in mind I mainly drink lattes/flat whites/iced coffees)
  • Food offered
  • Ambiance
  • Accessibility
  • My experience

To be as honest as possible, I have visited every Lisbon cafe at least twice to get a better idea of each. If there are cafes I visited that I felt didn’t meet the standards of a laptop friendly space, I didn’t include it at all. If it was aesthetic and a nice place to visit then it will be added to an upcoming blog post.

Please let me know if you visit any of these cafes in Lisbon below in the comments. If you attempt to visit any and the vibe and/or space has changed completely, also let me know! This way I can update it and take out/change any unnecessary information.

Let’s go over the best cafes in Lisbon that are laptop friendly!


inside of a cafe in Lisbon with lots of chandelier lights overlooking the counter

A small and cute cafe located in the Principe Real neighborhood of Lisbon. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Located right in Principe Real and is only the one location. 

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well inside.

Outlets? There are some by the walls and the larger table by the counter has a strip of three outlets that are available for use.

Quality of coffee? I like their coffee, they have lots of options.

Food? They offer breakfast and lunch as well as some smaller items like cakes, cupcakes, and brownies.

Ambiance? They tend to play music which is nice seeing as it’s not so loud. The space is open so it doesn’t feel stuffy and there’s lots of natural light on sunny days.

Accessibility? There is one step to enter from outside with no ramp. The bathrooms are not handicap friendly.

Experience? Overall I enjoy this cafe. 

Cafe Jeronymo

wall with fake green plants with the word Jeronymo and brown tables and chairs

This is a reliable spot to work especially as it’s open later than most cafes in Lisbon. Closing time is around 9pm on most days while most others are around 5 or 6pm. Cafe Jeronymo is a chain with 8 locations in the city center and 14 in the general Lisbon area.

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well inside.

Outlets? There are outlets by the majority of tables except for the couches and the tables located in the outside seating area. 

Quality of coffee? Their coffee is pretty standard. It’s not bad, but maybe not amazing. 

Food? They have lots of food options so you can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack.

Ambiance? Each Jeronymo cafe is laid a bit differently based on the space. I prefer the Campo de Ourique location as there is seating in the front outside, near the counters, in the back, and another space outside in the back. It’s pretty laid back and a place you could have online meetings if necessary.

Accessibility? From the ones I’ve been able to visit, most don’t have stairs or if they’re in a mall there’s an elevator to be able to reach it. The bathroom spaces are a bit small.

Experience? This is one of my preferred cafes in Lisbon and one I see myself going back to over and over again. It’s comfy, reliable, and spacious enough to almost always find a seat.

Simpli Coffee

a brown tray with an almond croissant, a flat white, and a coffee bean card on a wooden table

Simpli Coffee is an aesthetic cafe with lots of plants and a nice feel. There are 4 locations around Lisbon in Chiado, on Avenida, on Braamcamp street and near the Picoas station. It’s definitely worth a visit whether to work or just to enjoy a nice cafe and meal.

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well. I remembered to actually do WiFi speed at its Picoas location. It’s 175 mbps download and 26 mbps upload.

Outlets? There are some outlets if you’re at some of the tables along the walls, but there are not as many as other cafes. I’d recommend coming with a fully charged laptop. 

Quality of coffee? I really enjoyed their flat white. I’m sure their other coffee options must be just as good. They also provide a little card to let you know where your coffee beans came from to learn more about it.

Food? They serve breakfast and lunch options. Their eggs benedict looked really good and I plan to try it on a future visit. I opted for an almond croissant and it did not disappoint. 

Ambiance? It’s a very aesthetic cafe with lots of plants which makes it really nice. I also enjoyed the amount of natural light at the Picoas location as there were windows almost all around. 

Accessibility? There are no stairs to enter the cafe but to go to the bathroom in Picoas there are stairs you’d have to go down.

Experience? I really enjoyed this place. It wasn’t too loud and I liked loving light and a nice space to work in. The chairs weren’t extremely comfortable but overall I liked it. 

A Padaria Portuguesa

This is a nice adaptation of a typical Portuguese bakery, but definitely with a modern twist. It’s a chain with 20 locations around the city. You’ll almost always stumble upon one if walking around. 

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well inside.

Outlets? There are a few along the walls, but not too many. It would be good to arrive early to scope out where they are and claim your spot.

Quality of coffee? The coffee is okay and they do have lots of options.

Food? This is a popular spot to have lunch or a quick bite because of their affordable prices. You’ll see an influx of people in the afternoons because of this. The food does look good, I’ve only had croquetes and a red velvet cake slice.

Ambiance? The locations are very airy with lots of natural light making them great places to work. 

Accessibility? Some of the locations do have a ramp if there’s steps which is great. The bathrooms are also a bit small.

Experience? I enjoy coming to this cafe, but I do suggest arriving early to get a good spot with an outlet.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

This is a popular and well known chain with 11 locations around the city. The majority are in Alfama, Principe Real, Estrela, Campo de Ourique, Cais do Sodre, but also can be found in Alcantara and Campo Pequeno.

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well.

Outlets? There are some along the walls, but every location is a bit different.

Quality of coffee? I really like their coffee, lattes and flat whites are my go to and they make them well.

Food? They mainly have bites to snack on like little cakes, croissants, and cookies, but they do have some meal options.

Ambiance? I like their interiors, it can feel relaxing and cozy with the plants and exposed brick at some locations.

Accessibility? It really depends on the location. Their large Alfama one has multiple steps to get down into the store, but others don’t have any steps. Bathroom size also depends on the location. Some are smaller and some are more spacious. 

Experience? I enjoy their locations because they’re reliable and you know what you’ll get. 

Honest Greens

This is a popular and well known chain with 6 locations around the city mainly in the popular neighborhoods. One of them is located a bit farther away closer to the airport.

Wifi? Yes, and it works really well.

Outlets? There are some along the walls, but every location is a bit different.

Quality of coffee? They have a cafe section separate from the food counter. Their coffee is decent.

Food? They have lots of food options from vegetarian to meat.

Ambiance? I love that their interiors have lots of space and plants. The lighting can sometimes be a bit soft that I find a bit too relaxing. Over I enjoy it.

Accessibility? It really depends on the location. Sometimes there are a couple steps, but not always.

Experience? I enjoy this place and definitely recommend it to friends.

The Whisk Cafe

This cute stand alone cafe is located near the Rato station. It feels homey and like lots of cafes in Lisbon it closes pretty early, between 5 and 7pm depending on the day.

WiFi? Yes, and it works really well.

Outlets? There are a few located in the longer table in the middle.

Quality of coffee? I like their coffee and I love that they have chai, matcha and latte options. 

Food? I’ve gotten their eggs Benedict and pancakes, I really like both and would get again. They also have smaller bites like muffins and cake of the day.

Ambiance? This place feels very homey and I like that. Aside from the chairs it feels like I could be in my living room. 

Accessibility? It’s easy to walk into from the street, but there are stairs to go down to the bathroom. The tables along the wall are a bit close to each other so if it’s full then it’s a bit hard to navigate.

Experience? I really like this place. It’s conveniently located not too far from my apartment so it was one of the first cafes in Lisbon I went to after moving.

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