Evora, Alentejo’s capital, is a city located just an hour away from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. There is no beach, but there is a lot of the Portuguese charm. It’s already considered by many as a must-do day trip from Lisbon, but I personally didn’t know anyone who had visited before I moved here.

This city holds lots of culture and delicious food. Those two reasons alone should be enough to add it to your itinerary. So how to get from Lisbon to Evora using public transportation? We’ll go over a few different options and I’ll give my preferred way of doing it as well.

Train from Lisbon to Evora 

The most comfortable option is considered to be the train from the Oriente station located close to the Lisbon airport. The time schedule is not the most convenient, nor is the price. 

The times available from Lisbon to Evora during the weekdays are 7:02am, 9:02am, 1:32pm, 5:02pm, and 7:02pm. The trip takes around an hour and a half. 

During the weekends the times available are 9:52am, 5:02pm, and 7:02pm. 

The full price adult ticket is 16,65€ for 1st class and 12,50€ for second class one way. If you buy a ticket at least 5 days in advance, there are promos available. These tickets cost 10€ for 1st class and 7,50€ for second class one way. Promotion tickets are non-refundable.

You need to purchase your tickets online as you will not be able to buy them onboard the train.

Bus from Lisbon to Evora

You have two options if you’re planning to take the bus and two different stations you can depart from. 

Rede Expressos

The Portuguese option is Rede Expressos which you can get at the Oriente or Sete Rios stations. It’s been around since 1995 and based out of Lisbon. Most coach tickets start at 3,95€ and can be bought online or through their ‘MyRNE’ app available for download on Android and iPhone. 

Tickets at the 3,95€ price can sell out, so it’s best to buy in advance if you know the day and time you’re playing to go. From 3,95€ it usually goes up to 4,99€ and even up to 7,95€. A lot of buses leaving from Sete Rios tend to stop at Oriente as well, but not all. It’s best to go based off the schedule provided on the website or app.

I enjoy taking this bus and have never had an issue. The bus ride takes an hour and a half which is the same as the train. It’s always been on time and never fully crowded. It does seem to be busier than our other option.


Flixbus is the international option taking you from Lisbon to Evora. You can only get this bus at the Oriente station.

During the off season, September to November and January to May, with some exceptions for holidays, you can get tickets for 2,99€ one way and no service fee. This is if you buy in advance otherwise the day of or day before it can go up a bit.

In the summer months and some holidays, prices are usually 3,99€ one way plus a service fee of 3,99€. If you are buying during their high season then it makes more sense to buy your round trip ticket together to only pay the 3,99€ fee once instead of twice. 

Flixbus is almost always empty and I find the seats to be a bit more comfortable than Rede Expressos. That could just be personal preference. The ride takes an hour and a half.

Rideshare from Lisbon to Evora 

Blablacar is an app you can use to look for rides between the two cities. It’s a more private and direct way to go. There is no set time for when the car leaves as the driver sets the time and price. This means some days there may be no cars, while other days have plenty. Blablacar only allows drivers to put up available seats 3 days before the trip so it’s good to keep checking regularly.

What to do in Evora

You get to Evora and now what? Evora is a great day trip or weekend destination to get away from the bustling city of Lisbon. There are lots of free things to do when visiting. Add them to your itinerary.

I recently moved to Portugal on a D7 visa. Read all the requirements and what you need to get this for yourself.

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