Malta may be a small country in Europe, but there are many things to do here. Located between Italy and Tunisia, these small 4 islands in the Mediterranean Sea should not be overlooked. I had the opportunity to visit for 10 days and got to do a lot of Malta activities during that time. Let’s go over what to do in Malta during your next visit!

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Arriving in Malta

The most common way to arrive in Malta is via airplane and although many airports are in the country capital, Maltas airport is not. It’s located in Luqa, a city about 30 minutes away from Valletta. There are many ways of getting from the Malta airport to the city center. Find the best option for you here.

Malta Public Transportation

Malta has great public transportation that covers the majority of the two main islands: Malta and Gozo. The only downside is that it sometimes is a bit delayed or can take a bit to get around. You will not be stranded though!

If you are staying for a week then I recommend the 7 day unlimited pass. As of 2023 it cost 21 euros for this pass. 

Malta Airport to Valletta Tallinja Card

Malta Activities

Hop On Hop Off Bus

If public transportation isn’t your thing then consider the Hop On Hop Off bus that goes around the island. It passes through all of the main spots so you don’t need to figure out different bus routes. This bus also has an optional harbor cruise if you’d enjoy doing that!

The bus may not run very often, so check to see how often it runs.

Walking Food Tour in Valletta

A Malta activity that is a must do is a food tour. I took one around Valletta that took us to multiple restaurants and had us try multiple traditional Maltese foods. In this post I share some foods you should not miss when visiting Malta!

a hand with a silver ring on the thumb and purple painted nails holding a ricotta pastizzi, a flakey pastry, in front of a street food vendor stand with more pastizzis and other pastries right outside of Valletta, Malta
Ricotta Pastizzi right outside of Valletta
Blue Lagoon & Gozo Day Trip

This joint day trip is the best way to see two must see things in Malta at once. You’ll start the day leaving from St. Paul’s Bay making your way to the Blue Lagoon next to Comino Island first. There you’ll spend a few hours where if the weather is nice then I definitely recommend going in the water. It was pretty cold and windy when I went so I didn’t go in. 

After a few hours the boat will leave for Gozo. There it’ll port in Mgarr where you’ll have some time to explore. The company offers a bus connection into Victoria, the capital of Gozo for 5 euros. The other option you have is to use public transportation where you can use your unlimited bus pass! There was a public bus waiting to depart shortly after our arrival so I didn’t have to wait long before leaving. Keep in mind the bus does take a bit each way so plan to head back to port with enough time so you don’t miss the boat. This was the experience I did in Malta and I would do it again!

Game of Thrones Locations

I’ll admit that I am not a die hard Games of Thrones fan, but the locations found on the show are beautiful! And Malta has its fair share. Some I hadn’t been aware that were in Malta until people started pointing it out to me. Definitely recommended for the GOT peeps!

If you’re looking for a tour going beyond just the GOT locations and including lunch, then check this out!

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

The waters in Malta are super clear and blue so doing SUP here is a must! I got the opportunity to do this on the west side of the island, but doing it anywhere would be an amazing experience. Book your SUP rental here for 15€ a person.

smiling brunette kneeling on a paddle boarding in the water in Malta
SUP in Golden Bay, Malta
Cannon Show

Everyday at 12pm and 4pm at the Upper Barraka Gardens overlooking the Saluting Battery, there is a cannon show. It’s free to watch, just make sure to get there a bit early so that you have a great viewing spot. During high season it can get really packed. It’s one of the oldest gun firings since the time of the Knights so it’s worth checking out! Of all the mentioned Malta activities in this post, this is the only free one so take advantage to witness something not so common.

Blue Grotto

This blue water cave is definitely best seen from the water. There are multiple tours that take you here and it’s usually an hour to an hour and a half long excursion. The hop on hop off bus does stop here which is an option. You can also take a 4 hour tour that goes to prehistoric temples, the Blue Grotto and more.

If it’s cold or you don’t feel like taking a boat or jet ski to the cave, then you can see the grotto from above. The angle may not be the greatest, but it saves you time if you don’t have too much. It gets really windy around here so keep that in mind if you have a hat or anything loose.

Vintage Bus Hop On Hop Off

Instead of taking a regular hop on hop off bus, why not go for a vintage bus? When in Rome, right? It’s something I have seen offered in most places so it’s a unique experience to tell your friends about! This one in particular goes between Valletta, Sliema, Rabat and Mdina. Be prepared for a slightly bumpy ride as some of the buses are a bit old!


Kayaking around Malta is a great, but unique way to get to know the islands. You’re able to see things you wouldn’t be able to see from land. Take in Malta’s amazing natural treasures on a kayak adventure tour. Explore sea caves, snorkel, and swim in crystal clear waters! Book your kayak here for 10€ a person.

Fast ferry to Gozo

If you opted for the 7 day unlimited bus pass including the fast ferry to Gozo. This will be the fastest way to get from Valletta to the port at Gozo. Here you can take a taxi or public transportation to get to Victoria or other parts of the island. If you have a couple days to spend on the island, that would be best. There is lots to see and do here which would be really hard to do in just one day.

Victoria Gozo Malta

This is just a limited list of what to do in Malta as there is so much more. These are just some Malta activities that I believe you shouldn’t miss!

Let me know which Malta activities you end up doing in the comments!

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