Malta is a country made up of 4 islands south of Italy and north of Tunisia. I didn’t know much about this country before I heard about the ‘cathedral’ that collapsed. My goal has always been to visit every country so I know I’d make it here eventually. I visited during Keyframe in April of 2023. Here are cities in Malta you should not miss!

Victoria walled cities in Malta

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Quick Facts

Before we get into where to visit, let’s learn some quick facts about this beautiful country in the Mediterranean!

🇲🇹 Malta has 3 islands that are inhabited: Malta, Comino Island, Gozo.

🏝️ The 4th and tiniest island is Cominotto that is completely uninhabited.

👉🏼 Comino Island only has 4 full time residents.

🚌 The bus pass works on both islands with public transportation: Malta and Gozo.

🗣️ The Maltese language is a dialect of Arabic strongly influenced by Sicilian. It’s the only form of Arabic written in the Latin alphabet.

When you arrive in Malta you’ll need to get to your accommodation, check out the different ways to get from the airport. 

Cities in Malta


Valletta is the capital of Malta and located right on the water. It’s the biggest city in the country, but it also blends into nearby cities. I definitely recommend going on a guided Maltese Food and Drink Walking Tour!


Sliema is a short ferry boat ride from Valletta and a cute town to visit and stay in. It’s a popular tourist destination and neighborhood residents look to live in.

Three Cities

Right across the river from Valletta is Three Cities. It’s three little cities combined into one. 

St. Julian’s

Just past Sliema is St. Julian’s. It’s the spot for lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs. 

St Julians view
View of St. Julians

Rabat bears the same name as the capital of Morocco. It’s in the middle of the island and easily accessible by bus from Valletta.


Mdina is right next to Rabat and is a cute little walled city. From Valletta there’s an old style bus you can take here. The bus only accepts cash and costs 5€. The ride is bumpy but a unique way to travel!

St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay is a village located along the coast in the northern part of Malta. There’s lots of restaurants and bars to enjoy. From here, you can take a day trip to the Blue Lagoon and Island of Gozo


Marsaskala is a cute town located on the south part of the island. There are salt pans close by the ocean. 


Marsaxlokk is a cute fishing village really close to Marsaskala. A great place to grab some seafood and walk along the water.

Marsaxlokk Malta cities to visit
Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Victoria is the capital island of Gozo. The native Maltese know it as Rabat, or Città Victoria.

Malta Activities

Looking for what to do in and around the different cities in Malta? Check this out!

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