Before going to Malta I really hadn’t thought too much about what food I would eat there. I knew very little about Maltese food in general, but I wanted to try as much as I could while there.

The reason I was even visiting Malta was for a travel conference happening there in April of 2023. As part of the mid week they did have a food tour set up, but unfortunately it filled up before I could sign up. So when a friend suggested we do a food tour specializing in traditional Maltese food, I couldn’t say no!

a plate of traditional Maltese food at the Valletta Food Market
Plate of traditional Maltese food at the Valletta Food Market

The food tour guide takes you to all the local spots they recommend, tells you the history, and shows you what foods to try. Our guide even gave us suggestions for our return to the same restaurants and others.

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Maltese Foods


This bittersweet fizzy soft drink is one you should try! It has an orange taste and a bit bitter. The fizzyness makes it feel like your drinking an orange flavored soda, but not as sweet.

an arm covered with a jean jacket and a hand with a silver thumb ring and purple painted nails holds a plastic bottle of Kinnie a traditional Maltese drink in front of a dirt pathway and trees with purple flowers
Kinnie bottle

Ftira is an open sandwich that’s pretty popular during the summer. It’s served on Maltese bread (hobz) topped with sweet potato paste, sun-dried tomatoes, tuna, drizzled with olive oil. It can also have capers, green olives, and chopped green peppers. 


Pastizzi is a street food classic you must try when in Malta. They tend to be greasy and crunchy and way too high in calories, but absolutely delicious! You can choose one that’s filled with peas or ricotta cheese. They usually go for 50 cents and you can find them on most corners. It’s been almost a year since my trip to Malta and I still dream of these every so often.

a hand with a silver ring on the thumb and purple painted nails holding a ricotta pastizzi, a flakey pastry, in front of a street food vendor stand with more pastizzis and other pastries right outside of Valletta, Malta
Ricotta Pastizzi right outside of Valletta

These fluffy and crunchy specialties are anchovy fritters traditionally eaten during Lent. It’s a fried dough ball with an anchovy placed inside. 


This is a typical dish you can find at most Maltese restaurants. It’s made with mashed tic beans, this bean paste is eaten on Maltese bread or water crackers. Most Maltese chefs add parsley, garlic, and a mix of other herbs to add more of an aromatic flavor.

a bowl of bigilla with two wooden spoons in front of a food truck with the name Joe's Sfineg and Bigilla in Three Cities, Malta
Bowl of Bigilla in Three Cities, Malta
Imqaret (Date cakes)

Another typical street food are these little date cakes. They are small bite-sized and often served with ice cream. These pastries are actually a legacy of the time Malta was under Arab rule. In Tunisia, a similar pastry is called macrood and best eaten with an espresso.

an imqaret (date cake) placed on top of a paper towel in front a street food vendor selling these and other pastries outside of Valletta, Malta
Imqaret right outside of Valletta by bus station

This was definitely one of the best experiences I had during my time in Malta! Some of these dishes I had tried before, but most I hadn’t. This Maltese food tour makes a great way to try different dishes and know where to try them.

Check this out for tips on how to get from the Malta Airport to Valletta, Sliema, and other cities. Not sure what cities to visit in Malta? Check this out for tips!

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