If you can’t focus at home or your hostel/hotel/Airbnb, but don’t want to go to countless cafes around Budapest finding good wifi and a great spot, then this post is for you! I lived in Budapest from January to May of 2023 and visited many cafes doing research for this post. Please be mindful that this post is accurate at the time of posting, but may change over time. I will do my best to update it as often as I can, but please double check that it’s open and operating if you visit much later than the date of this post.

I know everyone’s expectations of a cafe differ so I’ve made sure to include as much information as possible so you can choose which is best for you. In this post you’ll know about the Budapest cafes:

  • Wifi strength
  • Outlet availability and accessibility
  • Quality of coffee (keep in mind I mainly drink lattes/flat whites/iced coffees)
  • Food offered
  • Ambiance
  • Accessibility
  • My experience

To be as honest as possible, I have done my best to visit these cafes multiple times, but Budapest has a lot so some I was only able to go once or twice. If there are cafes I visited that I felt didn’t meet the standards of a laptop friendly space, I didn’t include it at all. If it was aesthetic and a nice place to visit then it will be added to this other blog post.

Please let me know if you visit any of these cafes in Budapest below in the comments. If you attempt to visit any and the vibe and/or space has changed completely, also let me know! This way I can update it and take out/change any unnecessary information.

Let’s go over the best cafes in Budapest that are laptop friendly!

Cafes in Budapest

Apricot coffee

A super cute, small spot located on the Pest side. The setting makes it intimate, but can feel a bit cramped if all four indoor tables are full.

Wifi? Yes, and it works well.

Outlets? There wasn’t any that I could see. 

Quality of coffee? I really enjoyed it. 

Food? They have pastry and cake options as well as wraps and sandwiches. 

Ambiance? I personally enjoyed the intimateness of the cafe. It’s not a big space, but it’s not loud or crammed. 

Accessibility? There are a couple steps going into the cafe with limited mobility space inside. 

Experience? I had hoped to sit outside as it was a nice day but the tables were full and I had to sit at a high top which wasn’t the most comfortable. Would definitely return ideally to sit on one of the lower tables or outside if it’s nice out.

Massolit Books & Cafe

A cute little cafe located on the Pest and true to its name there are books. It’s not a library, but a bookstore so one should buy a book if planning to read it. I love the fact that it has an array of board games available for anyone to use.

Wifi? Yes, and for the most part works well. It can be a bit slow if there’s a lot of people.

Outlets? Some near the walls, but not available for every table. 

Quality of coffee? It was okay, I wouldn’t say it was the greatest. I did have a chai there once that I enjoyed more. 

Food? They only have pastries and small bites, not a full meal.

Ambiance? Very cozy as it has book shelves all around. Variety of chairs from wooden ones to comfy ones. When it’s nice out, there is seating available in the back patio. Board games available to play.

Accessibility? There are two steps to enter the cafe and once inside there is limited space to move around freely. Some of the tables and chairs are rather close together, not giving much room.

Experience? Been in different seasons and reasons. All in all, a place I enjoy and will definitely be going back. 

Flow Speciality Coffee Bar

Flow was one of the first cafes I visited in Budapest although it’s located a bit out of the city center on the way to Heroes Square. It’s spacious with high ceilings and lots of tables and it’s a vegan place so that’s reflected in all their breakfasts and pastries.

Wifi? It does have WiFi, but can sometimes be a bit unreliable. When it works, it works really well. The first few times I had no issues, but one of the last times I visited, it was not working at all. But due to the lack of internet, I started talking with the guy at the table next to mine and we became friends and met up on other occasions. 

Outlets? There are a few along the walls. If you know you’ll need one try and get there early so you can sit at a table that has one nearby.

Quality of coffee? I got multiple lattes here and I enjoyed each one. Since it is a vegan spot, the milk they offer is not cow’s milk but you can choose between oat, soy, and others.

Food? They offer a few pastries and breakfast options. Everything is vegan, but also very delicious.

Ambiance? It’s relaxing and inviting. Two big rooms and even an indoor patio for when the weather is nice out.

Accessibility? Not wheelchair friendly as there are a couple steps to go up to enter. To go to the bathroom, one needs to go down about 12 steps to get to it.

Experience? Love the big open space. There is music in the background, but not too loud. It also isn’t a very quiet place so you can take a call if needed.

Eco cafe

Located on the way to Heroes Square from the city center. This little cafe is located on Andrássy Útca which is a main road. I was only able to visit this cafe once so far, but one I want to return to.

Wifi? Yes, and works very well.

Outlets? Some near the tables by the wall, but not available to all tables.

Quality of coffee? Really good! Lots of coffee options to choose from.

Food? They have pastry options, cakes, and sandwiches. I tried a slice of cake which was really good, but I didn’t try any sandwiches.

Ambiance? A very relaxed environment. I have walked by on days that are a lot busier and packed. The big windows definitely bring in a lot of natural light to work. On nice days, they also have outside seating. 

Accessibility? Not wheelchair friendly as there are a couple steps to go up to enter. The space between tables is pretty minimal and so walking from the counter to a table along the wall with the windows can be a bit tight.

Experience? Good, but can get a bit noisy at times especially on the weekends and during lunch time.

California Coffee Company (chain)

California Coffee Company is a chain coffee store in Budapest with 5 locations. Most are centrally located, with a couple out of the city center. 

Wifi? Yes, and it’s very reliable. A lot of people come here to work and I have not had an issue at a couple of the locations I visited.

Outlets? Yes, some near some of the walls. It’s better to arrive early to find a spot with some nearby.

Quality of coffee? I would say it’s pretty average but fairly priced. 

Food? Lots of different options from pastries to sandwiches and salads. You can also get a variety of milkshakes, teas, and juices.

Ambiance? Lots of seating areas from tables and chairs to sofas. Can get pretty loud depending on the time of the day and location. The Saint Stephens Church location has a great view of the church from the second floor. I would recommend arriving early to get the tables near the windows. 

Accessibility? Some of them have wheelchair accessible entrances and some don’t. Most have second floors and from what I saw there were no elevators. When the weather is nice, there are outside seating areas.

Experience? Good, a bit busy and loud at times but I wasn’t interrupted by anyone and was able to stay for as long as I wanted/needed.

Ivy coffee

Located a couple blocks away from the Keleti train station and a bit out of the way on a quiet street. There isn’t much noise from any street and it’s really close to the Garay Center mall.

Wifi? Yes, and I’ve never had an issue.

Outlets? Only near the corner table upstairs away from the loft overlook.

Quality of coffee? One of my favorites. They tend to have two different coffee varieties, usually one from Africa and one from Latin America.

Food? There is granola with yogurt and fruit in pre-made packaging, brownies, and savory pastries until they run out.

Ambiance? It tends to be quiet and I find it a great place to work. The natural light doesn’t reach the top floor too much, but there is additional light so it’s not dark. When it’s nice out, there is outside seating available. 

Accessibility? There are a couple steps to enter and the tables available on the first floor are high ones. To access the second floor there are about 15 steps. The bathroom is very small and doesn’t allow for much moving around space. 

Experience? Love the environment and one of my favorite cafes in Budapest. I definitely visited this one the most and they have a loyalty card that after 9 coffees, you get the 10th free.

Dorado Cafe

A cute little spot in the Jewish quarter near many of the ruin bars. Very easy to walk to if staying in downtown Pest.

Wifi? Yes, and works well. Didn’t have any issue.

Outlets? I did not see any, but there may be some near the tables along the wall. 

Quality of coffee? Really good coffee with lots of options. 

Food? Brunch on the weekends along with pastries and plates during the week. 

Ambiance? It is a bit dark as it doesn’t get direct sunlight. It’s a small area with one large room in the front and a slightly smaller one in the back. There’s a large table that you can use your laptop on. You can’t use laptops on the weekend.

Accessibility? There are two steps by the front door to be able to enter. Once inside, there are a couple more steps to be able to go to the bathroom.

Experience? Definitely enjoyed it and would go back. It may have been a bit dark the day I went because it was rainy.

Magvető Cafe

Located on the Pest side in the Jewish Quarter is Magvető Cafe. There are walls of books in the back that are for sale. Lots of natural light and more than just tables as seating arrangements.

Wifi? Yes, but you get an access code with a purchase which is good for one hour. After your hour is up you’ll need to make another purchase to continue using the WiFi. 

Outlets? Yes, and lots all over. The ones that would have more difficulty accessing an outlet would be the tables in the middle of the area.

Quality of coffee? I only went once and ordered a latte even though I usually order a flat white. It felt like I was drinking milk with barely the taste of an espresso. If you like minimal coffee, that might be your drink, but I would not order that again. I will have to go back to comment on other coffee options they provide.

Food? There are pastries, cakes, and small bites to choose from.

Ambiance? I love that it feels like a library since it has many bookshelves surrounding a couple of the walls. There are many types of seating available, like regular tables, stairs with pillows with little table nooks, and on the window sills.

Accessibility? There are two steps to be able to enter the cafe. Once inside, there is limited space to move freely around as tables and chairs do occupy some space. It’s a bit tight on space getting to the restroom.

Experience? I enjoyed the space and ambiance, but I wish the Wifi wasn’t as limited as it does create a larger turnover which I’m sure is the reason for the policy. I’d go back with a set plan of what I want to accomplish so that I can use the hour wisely. The guy at the counter had been nice to give me two hours worth of Wifi, but I don’t see that being the norm. Also I was only able to connect on my laptop and not on my phone.

Steamhouse cafe

This little cafe is located in what used to be a market and is now a mall. Found on the second floor, you can see the Parliament from the windows overlooking Batthyany Ter. If you are working on a laptop you won’t be able to sit at any table with a window.

Wifi? Yes, and works really well.

Outlets? A few in the laptop area on the top part of the stairs, but not in the larger seating area.

Quality of coffee? It was pretty good. I got a flat white and it was a bit strong which was good because it 

Food? There are cookies, brownies, and muffins. They also have snacks which are like small bites like bagels and small breakfasts. 

Ambiance? It’s located in an old market that’s been renovated to be a small mall. This means the cafe is located in a pretty open space and you’ll hear the noise of the people in the mall.

Accessibility? Located on the second floor, but there is an escalator and elevator that goes there. It’s accessible to order and sit at the tables on the main floor. The tables near the window are up two steps and there is no ramp. 

Experience? Located across from the Parliament on the Buda side with a nice view, but if you’re working on a laptop you can’t sit at one of the windows that overlooks it which was my original reason for visiting. The bathroom isn’t just for the cafe, but also for the mall in which it’s located. It is a paid bathroom, but if you make a purchase then you’ll receive a ticket for a free use of it otherwise it costs 300 HUF cash.

Budapest Baristas 

There are two cafes, one in Buda and one in Pest. I have yet to make it to the Buda one, so this is info pertains to the Pest location. It’s between Astoria and Kalvin Ter stations so easily accessible by walking from downtown or the Metro lines 2, 3, and 4.

Wifi? Yes, and works very well.

Outlets? Downstairs I saw a few at some of the tables. Upstairs there’s a bit more that is in reach for most tables.

Quality of coffee? I found it to be really good and there were lots of options. 

Food? There are pastries, cakes, muffins, and lots of food options including vegan ones. Did not try food on my visit aside from a muffin, but I definitely will in the future.

Ambiance? I love the open space and the staff was very nice and friendly. When it’s nice out there is outdoor seating available. It’s located on a highly transited street so it can get a bit noisy and if the doors are open then that will transfer inside. The music they put on it’s too loud to be distracting.

Accessibility? There are two steps to be able to enter the cafe. Downstairs is rather spacious and with enough space to get to the bathroom and around. To get upstairs there are only stairs and they are a bit narrow and steep.

Experience? I had a great time, the staff were super friendly and nice. This was one of the first places I got an iced latte and it didn’t feel too milky as I could taste the espresso. It wasn’t too busy, but busy enough that I sat upstairs as there were no tables downstairs. Definitely could see myself revisiting this place often.


Not located super close to the center but very reachable and in a much quieter area. I love that there’s an indoor and outdoor area so there’s lots of natural light.

Wifi? Yes, and it works well.

Outlets? There are some outlets located inside, but none at the outside tables from what I could see. 

Quality of coffee? The coffee was pretty good.

Food? They have food options as many people go here for lunch but they also have pastries and small bites.

Ambiance? I love that there’s an indoor and outdoor space. 

Accessibility? There is one step to get in as there is a hallway to get to the entrance of the cafe. The indoor part does have limited space as the tables are pretty close together. Outdoors there is a lot more space, but you need to pass the indoor part to get outside.

Experience? Overall I had a nice time, but when I walked in I did feel a bit awkward only because the servers were crowding the counter and didn’t pay me any attention. No one moved around for me to get through. It could have very easily been a one off, so I won’t write it off based on this one experience.

Anton: Speciality coffee & bakery

A cute corner spot with fresh bread and delicious pastries. Just two blocks away is a busier street, but this one is quiet and quaint. There won’t be outside noise to distract you from your work.

Wifi? Yes, and it works very well.

Outlets? There are a few but not at every table.

Quality of coffee? Really good and they have different coffee options.

Food? There’s pastries (sweet and savory) as well as cafes and bread as it is a bakery.

Ambiance? Super cute places with two floors. The little seating areas on the first floor are really nice and made of wood. The space is a bit so it’s ideal for an individual or couple at most. Not a loud place, so perfect to work from.

Accessibility? There are a couple steps to enter the cafe but once it’s inside it is pretty spacious. There are only stairs to go to the second floor. 

Experience? I really loved the food and party I got which had raspberries on it. A place I could see myself returning to time and time again. 

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  1. It’s great that you looked at outlet availability as well as coffee and wifi quality — all key things to have when working on a laptop in a cafe. I love going out and sitting somewhere to do some work and enjoy a great coffee with it and I’d love to do that in Budapest. Amazing variety of places on offer!

    1. Outlet availability is a must! You never know when it’ll come in handy. Budapest is a great place to work from, but it can be a hit or miss so it’s good to know beforehand where to go!

  2. Hey! Amazing list, great descriptions!
    I’m just here to mention that that is not “Magneto” but Magvető cafe! It meants “seed sower”(mag-vető), No magnets 🙂

    1. Thank you and thank you for letting me know! It may have been an auto correct issue or I may have written it this way without realizing. I’ll update it 😌

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