Hungary has started to become a more popular destination in the last few years, primarily Budapest. With my boyfriend living in Hungary, I’ve had the opportunity to visit during different times of the year. I also lived in Budapest for the better part of the year allowing me to visit various cities of Hungary during that time. In my research, I found the best places to visit each month. Use this to help you plan your next trip no matter what month you decide to visit Hungary!

January – Miskolc

January is a cold month to visit Hungary, but if you plan to be around during this month then you need to check out one of its multiple baths. Although Budapest has many, you should consider going to Miskolc for its unique cave bath. It’s perfect as it’s inside and not exposed to the open air like some other baths.

Make a weekend trip out of it and find all the other things Miskolc has waiting for you. 

Miskolc Hungary Cave Baths
Miskolc Cave Bath, January 2023

February – Mohacs 

When I used to think of Carnival I thought about Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans and the crazy parties held in these places. I never thought Hungary would have its own kind of celebration. Here you won’t find elaborate dresses or designs, but instead frightening looking costumes. It’s a 6 day celebration held by the Socki living in the city of Mohacs that ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Read more about Carnival in Mohacs.

Mohacs February Carnival Visit Hungary
Carnival in Mohacs, Hungary. February 2023

March – Holloko

When I found out about the Easter celebration that happens yearly in Holloko, I knew I had to visit. It’s a traditional event including folk music, dancers, singers, and craftsmen. The celebration starts a couple weeks before Easter and only on the weekends. During holidays there are less buses so that’s important to keep in mind if planning to go only for a day. I recommend staying in town if you can but book it far in advance as accommodation is limited. Easter changes yearly so keep this in mind as well.

Holloko Easter Celebration Visit Hungary
Holloko Easter Celebration 2023

April – Budapest

With the weather getting warmer, that means spring is starting. Budapest is a great place to see cherry blossoms with great views. This is also a great time to visit without so many other tourists as it’s warm but not too warm that the crowds are too big.

May – Szentendre

A perfect Budapest city escape that tends to have good weather and is only under an hour away is Szentednre. It’s a cute riverside town with cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and baroque architecture. It’s a perfect day trip and should be added to any Budapest itinerary. 

June – Tihany

On Lake Balaton is the small town of Tihany. It’s known for its lavender festival held yearly in June or July, depending on the weather for the flowers. You can get ice cream, drinks, and other things that are lavender themed or flavored during this time. Frolic around the lavender fields and grab a lavender lemonade. 

Tihany Lavender Festival Visit Hungary
Lavender Field, Tihany June 2023

July – Lake Balaton and Visegrad 

July is one of the best times to visit Hungary for the weather. There are lots of different places to visit during this time of the year. Being a landlocked country, Hungary doesn’t have a beach but there is Lake Balaton. There are makeshift beaches to visit as well as boat rides you can take. In Zamardi, there is a large open air electronic music festival called Balaton Sound. In Visegrad, located north of Budapest, there is one of the largest medieval summer festivals called the International Palace Games.

Lake Balaton Hungary
Lake Balaton, June 2023

August – Debrecen & Budapest

August is pretty busy in Budapest with the Sziget Festival happening. It is one of the largest music and cultural festivals that happens in Europe so lots of people come into town for it. You can expect about 1,000 performances by a variety of artists.

If this isn’t your scene and you’re looking for something calmer, then I suggest the Debrecen Flower Carnival. There’s a parade with music, dancing, fireworks, and of course flower floats. Dates may vary slightly from year to year but it’s usually in the second half of the month. 

September – Eger 

With cooling temperatures comes grape harvest season in Hungary. A great place to do some wine related activities is Eger. Head to a vineyard or a place focused on wine in the city for a great experience! I visited Gal Tibor for their wine bar and huge selection of different wines. If you aren’t up for making it out of the city, this could be a great alternative. They have tours on the weekend of their facilities.

Depending on the weather of the day or weekend you visit, you may also check out Török Fürdő, Turkish baths! They have indoor and outdoor options based on what you prefer. Not all outdoor baths may be open based on the weather.

October – Visegrad 

If you’re a leaf peeper like me, you might be wondering where to see some fall foliage. A great place to head to would be Visegrad. It’s near the bend of the Danube and from the Visegrad castle you’ll get great views of the leaves changing colors. 

There is also the Tokaj Festival which is home to the only wine vinegar museum in the world. 

Visegrad Castle Hungary
Visegrad Castle

November – Pecs

Heading south close to the border with Croatia is the city of Pecs. It’s a super cute and activity filled place to visit. The weather is warmer than in Budapest and November makes for a great escape to hopefully get some sun and warmer climate. 

Visit Pecs Hungary
Pecs, Hungary

December – Christmas markets 

What is December without Christmas markets? Hungary has no shortage of them. The biggest markets you’ll find are in Budapest with lots around the city. Other cities to check out for the markets are Szeged, Pecs, Debrecen, Eger, and Gyor. 

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